CAT series. Wide pants that were popular in solo exhibitions using original cat prints.

By making both sides plain, I finished it with a refreshing impression.


If you fasten the button on the hem, it will quickly change to a Saruel-style silhouette.

Excellent compatibility with sneakers and boots!


It is also recommended to wear it as a set with a matching blouse


JI'NE's Imagination Scene: Music, Garden and Picnic

CAT Wide Pants_Blue_PT09_35

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  • Outer material: 100% polyester

    Alternative: 100% polyester

    Lining: 100% polyester




    Made in Japan



    Waist 68 cm up / up to 83 cm

    Hip 111cm

    40 cm across

    Hem width 40 cm

    Rise 34 cm

    Inseam 56 cm

    Side length 90 cm


  • Be careful of discoloration

    Be careful of catching

    The printed part becomes thinner due to repeated cleaning


    Hand washable