CAT series. A special dress that combines an original cat print and a flower print. The original design of the cat pattern was drawn with the aim of being an "art cat that is not too cat". Although it is a pattern x pattern, it has a cohesive color scheme as a whole by combining the color systems. Folded cuffs and lace on the collar are also important JI'NE's imaginary scene: Music and garden

CATFLOWER Dress_L Beige_OP03_08

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  • Outer material: 100% polyester

    Alternative: 100% polyester




    Made in Japan



    Length (BNP ~) 105cm

    Bust 98cm

    Shoulder width 36 cm

    Sleeve length 60 cm

    Cuffs 23 cm

    Hem 223 cm


  • Be careful of discoloration

    Be careful of catching

    The printed part becomes thinner due to repeated cleaning


    Body: Hand washable