Made of eco-friendly recycled polyester

Micro fleece dress


Warm, lightweight and comfortable material

It has excellent heat retention but stuffiness is released to the outside.


Flower embroidery with the image of "bouquet picked in Noyama" is also a point

Because it is long and can be worn loosely

Recommended as a dress to spend at home in winter


No back

Back button space





Wearing model height: 153 cm

Bouquet dress_OP1119_October

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  • Delivery time: October


    Outer material   100% polyester%

    Another place  100% polyester%



    Made in Japan



    Length BNP ~ 112cm

    Bust 106cm

    Shawl  55cm 

    Sleeve length 78cm

    Sleeve width 41 cm

    cuff   20 cm

    Hem circumference 130cm

  • Be careful of catching

    Be careful of discoloration

    Hairballs may occur due to rubbing and washing.


    Hand washab