Original fabric blouse with lemon and dinosaur foil print


It is an item that glitters every time you move and makes your summer outing fun.


The foil print part is delicately processed, so please handle it with care.

Foil Lemon Blouse_ Pink

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  • Outer material: 100% polyester

    Another place: 100% polyester



    Made in Japan



    Length (SNP ~) 80cm

    Bust 95cm

    Shoulder width 36 cm

    AH 21.5cm

    Hem 153cm



  • <Be careful when handling the foil print part>

    ● Foil print is processed by hand

    The texture and the degree of fading are different one by one.

    ● The foil print part is sensitive to heat, so ironing is prohibited.

    ● Please do not store in a plastic bag.

    ● Repeated cleaning will make the print thinner


    Only weak dry cleaning is possible