A quilt series made using JI'NE's clothes.

It is produced about once a year by the whims of the designer.


Prototype fabrics and rare fabrics from the past are also quilted

It is the only one in the world.


This is a kitchen stocker that can stock plastic shopping bags.

Velcro is attached to the part where the upper bag is put, so it can be easily stocked.

To put it out, just pull the bag from the lower opening.


A quilt stocker that makes you happy just by looking at it.

A quilt that brings happiness to your kitchen.

JI'NE Whimsical Goods_Kitchen Stocker_Owls and Unicorns

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  • size

    Length 31 cm x width 22 cm depth 9 cm




    Hand washable (single wash)

    Be careful of discoloration

    * Please dry thoroughly after washing.