A big quilt bag with a cute triangular shape!

Logo print with the image of a mountain sign


With a large capacity that does not require an eco bag

Inner zipper & lining

It is a solid construction


LOOK model height: 173cm

Wearing model height: 165 cm

Wearing model height: 153 cm


Quilt Big Bag_BG0799_October

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  • Delivery time: October


    Outer material (quilt)  100% nylon

    Another place  100% polyester%

    lining  100% polyester%




    Made in Japan



    Side (bottom / longest part) 76 cm

    Side (mouth / shortest part) 45 cm

    Vertical (without string) 50 cm

    String length 83cm

    Machi 10cm



  • The printed part becomes slightly thinner due to aging.


    Dry cleaning